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Accelerate consists of three different Scrum packages suitable for different budgets, and time commitments.

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Who Is This For?

Our clients vary from small businesses to global brands, each with different budgets and time commitments. Whether you’re a team of 10, or 100 – we have an accelerate package for you.

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Why Accelerate?

Accelerate offers three packages for clients with different budgets and time constraints. Embedding Scrum into your teams has never been easier.

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We’ll work with you to develop peak performance.

Whether you have 100 different teams, or you’re looking to create more Agility with a team of 10. We can help you work more effectively with one of our packages.

Accelerate 1, is a unique monthly package, perfect for those who want an Agile boost on budget, or a regular and effective way to embed Continual Improvement – essential for true agility and increasing your team’s effectiveness.

Accelerate 2, is a more thorough programme for teams with little to no knowledge of Agile or Scrum. It’s also great for teams who have made a false start with Scrum, and need guidance on how to implement effectively.

Accelerate 3, is our flagship offering. This combines the value from our other two services and embeds this into a 10-week cycle. Accelerate 3 takes inexperienced teams starting with Scrum and turns them into a team having the knowledge, skills and confidence to go it alone, as a self-sustaining agile team.

What's Covered
Agile Monster – Observing Scrum Events

Accelerate 1

This is our light touch service that allows your team to become increasingly effective with Scrum while at the same ensuring time ‘off-project’ for your team is minimal.

This is perfect for teams wanting an agile boost on a budget or a regular and effective way to embed Continual Improvement – essential for true agility and increasing team effectiveness. We do this by offering the ACCELERATE 1 service on a low-cost, monthly subscription basis.

Our Agile Coaches and Facilitators can work alongside you for an extended period but by keeping the engagement high on value but low on commitment and cost, your budget holders are more easily persuaded to give it a try.

It comprises the Pulse Survey, bespoke training workshops using Liberating Structures, and multiple Agile Coaching sessions.

This is subscription consultancy for only £1995 ex VAT per month and we ask only for a one-month commitment for this service. Our most popular offering with a very low barrier to entry for this type of consulting.

Accelerate 2

This is our intensive learning service, perfect for those teams with little to no knowledge of Agile or Scrum looking for a meaningful foundation from which to begin their Agile ways of working.

ACCELERATE 2 is also ideal for those teams who have perhaps made a false start with Scrum and are looking to get back on track quickly. This is time-intensive – we take your teams and immerse them for two hours every day in the most valuable concepts of agility with Scrum.

This is spread over 2 weeks to allow your team to continue with their day job but also to allow them to digest and reflect on the days training, ready for tomorrow. By analysing the Pulse Survey, we will identify the greatest opportunities for team improvement and create workshops targeted to exploit that opportunity. ACCELERATE 2 results in a competent and confident Scrum team, ready to tackle anything they find in the next Sprint.

This costs £7,995 ex VAT. After this service, teams often switch to ACCELERATE 1 for to keep them on the right path.

Agile Monster – Facilitating
Agile – Coaching Scrum Masters

Accelerate 3

Our flagship offering. This takes all the value from the other two services and combines them into a single 10-week cycle that takes inexperienced teams starting with Scrum, and turns them into a team having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to go it alone as a self-sustaining agile team capable of delivering great value and responding to customer needs.

The big differentiator here is that we embed our own Scrum Consultant alongside your teams to provide operational-level Guided Execution and increasing the chances of the new learning becoming the “new normal”. We try to coach ourselves out of a job!

Because of the presence of an embedded Scrum Consultant, this service is our most expensive at £50,995 ex VAT. However, when compared to the average cost of a freelance Scrum Master provided by an agency, there is much more value to be gained from ACCELERATE 3 which includes Pulse Survey.

Scrum Survey Tool

Keeping Track, With Pulse

Pulse is our unique survey tool. We know the team is the foundation on which great products are built or service delivered. A common barrier to building great teams is that people are unsure where to start improving. Or even what makes a good team. Great Scrum teams generally just don’t appear – they need work. We do this by firstly learning where your priority challenges are using our PULSE survey tool.

We measure 5 key criteria:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Stakeholder concern
  3. Team autonomy
  4. Management support
  5. Continuous improvement
  6. Team effectiveness

Pulse will measure everything from stakeholder expectations to the quality of the Scrum events. We include a range of roles in this exercise, from team members through to managers through to Users and interested stakeholders. By doing this, we get a 360 viewpoint of the team. We keep a finger on the pulse.

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